Welcome to the official website of Spanish actress Maria Navarro!

María is an Andalusian actress with an international profile, bilingual in German and Spanish, with impeccable English, a good command of French and even knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, which has already earned her a character in the acclaimed series La Que Se Avecina.

She was trained in Germany, where she worked in several national television series and then moved to Spain, where we have seen her in other series such as Centro Médico, Cuéntame Cómo Pasó or Ponme una Nube; as well as in Andalusian regional series such as Padre Medina, giving life to Blanca or in Arrayán, playing the rebellious Ainoa.

For personal reasons, she left the profession for about 8 years to devote herself to her children and her company, Translatium, a translation agency.

In 2021 she rejoins, premiering with the filming of the second season of the Netflix series, Valeria.

Her facility for languages has allowed her to participate in international shootings, currently, she combines her work in Spain with shootings every month in Poland, giving life to #DianaDiaz, the crazy and funny presenter of DIA's #INSTADiaRIO.

Her comic vision and freshness are reflected in each episode, which you can see in her social media channels: @dia_esp or in her personal IG profile: @marianavarroactress.

Also trained in voice acting and singing, we will soon see her voicing different characters. 



Gala Inocente, Inocente 2023

María Navarro has joined the emblematic gala "Inocente, inocente" of 2023, broadcasted by RTVE. She has been part of one of the jokes prepared for Gonzalo Miró during the gala.


María Navarro has brought to life Diana Díaz, the star presenter of #IntaDiaRIO, an innovative and fun news program that stands out for offering all the news and promotions of the renowned supermarket chain DIA.

Valeria - Netflix

Maria Navarro has taken on the role of a lawyer during the second season of the acclaimed Netflix series "Valeria."


The Little Mermaid

Maria Navarro immerses us in the magical world of Disney with her stunning rendition of the iconic song from the soundtrack of 'The Little Mermaid'. With her captivating and emotive voice, Maria pays tribute to this timeless classic, taking us to relive the nostalgia and beauty of this enchanting story.


Maria captivates us with her exceptional rendition of 'Hopelessly Devoted To You', the unforgettable song from the acclaimed 'Grease' soundtrack, originally performed by Olivia Newton-John. With her emotive voice, Maria transports us to the romantic world of this iconic movie.